May The Fourth Be With You!

Mara Jade. Source: Wookieepedia.

Mara Jade. Source: Wookieepedia.

Happy Star Wars Day! I find it great to have a day where we can all celebrate our love for Star Wars, though most of us do that on a much more regular basis. I think that “specific” days/holidays/celebrations are great no matter what as it makes for times where people can come together when they might not always do.

This is why I chose to repost one of my older Star Wars videos to my YouTube channel. I was shocked to realize I made it seven years ago. It still seems like yesterday I started vidding, though it will be nine years in August. I can’t wait to make new Star Wars (and other fandom) videos, and hope that my muse might behave soon!  May The Force Redeem Us is prequel oriented, especially Revenge of the Sith (or the Fifth if you insist!). Music is by Within Temptation.

Links: Star Wars

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