Brave Video, Upcoming Blog Series, Links: #YesAllWomen, Writing, Books, Batman, Belle

My video Brave Together is posted for the first time on YouTube, as I only made it last year. It is my first (and so far only) video for the movie Brave. With all my discussions about Disney movies and female representation, I thought that timing was perfect when it came to sharing a new video on my channel. Music is by Nightwish.

Photo Credit: Olivia Henry.

Photo Credit: Olivia Henry.

Regarding my upcoming blog series: A Galaxy of Possibilities: A Discussion of Character Writing, Star Wars and Fandom, I have been coming up with more detailed plans for it. I am still aiming for a late June start, with an introductory post, before focusing on one character per week, for the months to come. I believe that the weekly feature should work fine, though the exact release day won’t be set in stone. I am currently working on figuring out the structure of each feature, so they can get easier to work on. One thing that will be useful is that I have wiki page for all my active characters and kept archives of the deleted ones, so even when my memory doesn’t help me much, I can review details about most of them! I am also planning to use a short video segment to introduce them all. So it’ll be a mix of videocast and regular posts! I have extensive experience in video editing, but I never made anything like that, so I’m excited (and a tad anxious) about this!

Links: #YesAllWomen, Writing, Books, Batman, Belle

6 thoughts on “Brave Video, Upcoming Blog Series, Links: #YesAllWomen, Writing, Books, Batman, Belle

  1. Thank you for linking to my post :D I appreciate it so much!

    Loved your Brave video, I really enjoyed that movie, it was such a different way for Disney to go. Your video captured that perfectly :)


  2. I love Brave! lol not only did I manage to see it opening night, but I dragged my mom along with me. Given the strong theme of mother-daughter relationship, it seemed perfect that the two of us watched it together.


  3. TKS for the share. I’d love to hear what you think of the podcast, especially since it seems to be right up your alley.
    Love the “Brave” video piece. Great movie. Love the pieces you picked for your compilation. Have a great weekend!


    • You’re welcome! And the podcast was very interesting! I thought I had commented about it, but been juggling between different projects all week. Thank you for the compliment about the “Brave” video and the link round up. Have a great weekend too! :)


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