Blogging Break and Happy Holidays!

A Galaxy of Possibilities: Discussing Character Writing, Diversity, Star Wars and Fandom, as well as TV Thursday, will return in January 2015. Save for the Silent Sunday posts, this blog will be on hiatus until January 6.

I want to thank everyone who has been reading, sharing, liking and commenting! I didn’t expect such a solid response and meeting so many great people when I moved to WordPress in June 2013. So thank you all!

I wish everyone Happy Holidays!


My New Cat!

I rarely post personal things on WordPress, but I am so happy with my new cat, that I have to share the love here as well (those of you following me on several other social media already know about the little bundle of joy and purrs!)


I was devastated since I lost my old lady, Sissi, who passed away at 20 years in April 2013. I had been considering getting a new cat for the past months, but I only moved forward with a search once I knew that there is no quarantine needed anymore when I move to either the UK or the US!

I found Kenzi at a great animal shelter about one hour from where I live now. She is an eight month old turtle shell cat. She is very curious, cuddly, purring and playful. She’s my shadow already! It’s my (slightly) early 30th birthday present from my parents! It was love at first sight between us and within 20 seconds, I knew that she was the one I’d take home (they had another kitten, a young male who was lovely but Kenzi and I clicked perfectly!)

And yes, she’s called Kenzi because of Lost Girl! The name and reference are perfect fits!


A Galaxy of Possibilities: Discussing Character Writing, Diversity, Star Wars and Fandom – Week 23: Kalidia Siron


Kalidia Siron, The Sovereign Galactic Empire
SWRPG Wiki Page | Tumblr Gallery

Kalidia is one of these characters who came to me because of the image claim I wanted to use. I discovered Meghan Ory on Higher Ground (the same show in which I discovered Jewel Staite and Kandyse McClure too). Seeing her in more significant roles such as Ruby on Once Upon A Time and as Riley Neal in Intelligence made me very eager to use her for a roleplaying character. Of course, coming up with a fresh concept as I was already writing more than twenty active characters was easier said than done. I admit that I prefer coming up with an idea of character instead of their face, for starters. It makes my life easier. Yet, the muse had spoken so I had to comply and think harder.

I felt that she would be an imperial but coming up with a new concept, since imperials are my most common characters by now, took a bit of time. I decided to have her be a Morellian, but without her knowing what she was. She was born out of adultery and her parents had kept her existence a secret. They gave her up to a couple of human friends on Centares because they knew they would raise her well and love her. Unbeknownst to her, her parents died during the plague and she never was revealed what she was. She only was told very few things about her birth parents and she lost her adoptive ones when in her twenties.


Kalidia had interest in esotericism, martial arts and writing. I liked the idea to expand on characters having artistic tendencies in the past few years. As for esotericism, I didn’t have other characters deep into such matters, so it was something new for me. Never fitting in, she wandered across the galaxy for a long time. She knew she wasn’t human because of certain small things, but it didn’t give her any useful clue.

Revelations came to her thanks to a chance encounter with a fellow Morellian. She got accidentally hurt on the head in a clothing shop and this stranger helped her and escorted her to the medical center. There he found out that she was a fellow Morellian and looked after her as she recovered. Then he told her about what she was and what had happened. On a hunch, he offered her to come with him to imperial territory and they eventually found work as privateers.

  • Do you write characters interested in esotericism?
  • How can ‘random’ encounters affect your characters?
  • Do your characters easily accept significant revelations or are they more likely to be skeptical?

Battlestar Galactica Fan Video: So Say We All

I have been busy vidding in November, making five new videos (for a gift set for my parents’s Christmas). While I won’t release them on Youtube until after Christmas, I realized I hadn’t updated my channel since my 9th vidding anniversary project! It was time to fix that.

Thus, I decided to share one of my older videos, a Battlestar Galactica one, So Say We All. This is a tribute to the men in the show and the music is Over the Hill and Far Away by Nightwish.

Karl 'Helo' Agathon. Source: IMDb.

Karl ‘Helo’ Agathon.
Source: IMDb.

A Galaxy of Possibilities: Discussing Character Writing, Diversity, Star Wars and Fandom – Week 22: Inga Faucon


Inga Faucon, The Sovereign Galactic Empire
SWRPG Wiki Page | Tumblr Gallery

I created Inga Faucon as Natalia Faucon‘s mother. I liked the idea of Natalia’s mother not being dead as everyone believed it. I knew that Inga had disappeared into Wild Space when she had faked her death about thirty five years before I began to write her. Inga is a full blooded Morellian, one of the survivors from the plague that decimated most of her species. That led to a friend and I talking about the possibility of tying Inga to some of her characters. Everything blended meaningfully. Shortly after the devastating plague, Inga suddenly felt that she had to leave for Wild Space, as deep in there as possible. No matter how hard it was for her and the guilt that she experienced still years after, she never regretted having faked her death, leaving baby daughter, sister, nieces and husband behind.

When I first imagined Inga, I picked actress Geena Davis for her, since Davis has been one of my favorite actresses for a long time. Both her height (I tend to have my roleplaying characters be the same height as their image claim as to make my life easier) and her looks seemed to be a good fit. Yet, incertitude began to swamp me as I began to write her. I eventually switched to Gwendoline Christie and the muse thanked me for that. Christie works perfectly for Inga.

For years, she mostly thought that it was to try to weave ties with local populations, more or less advanced, in hope that if one day Morellians had a new home, that could help the survivors of her species. Yet, she always felt this wasn’t the whole reason, despite being unable for a few decades to put her finger on what eluded her. She had taken the alias of Denara, and never gave a word about her origins or species, which gave her an air of mystery to many. In the early times following her disappearance she had reached the final ‘civilized’ space station, the Regalia, before only planets inhabited by very diverse populations remained in this area of Wild Space. With the help of others she had won to her side, she took the Regalia over and made it her personal base for the following decades. Building diplomatic ties in this region was often difficult, and she had to prove herself on many occasions and was confronted to hostility, though she made solid progress thanks to her patience and dedication.


With another friend, I plotted for Inga to find a romantic partner – for her daughter’s father, the husband she left behind, wasn’t as significant to her as she could have hoped for and he had rebuilt his personal life anyway. One day, a fellow Morellian showed up on the station and they both realized right away that they ‘knew’ each other. Yet, they had never met during their earlier years on their home world, but understood that they had been soul mates in a previous life. I always liked reincarnation story lines and my friend and I decided to pursue this, especially as we had never done this in a roleplay setting. Little by little, the couple was able to reconnect more deeply and to retrieve some of their histories through dreams and visits to certain remote planets in Wild Space. When she reunited with him, Inga understood the missing reason for her departure all these years ago and her rush into this specific area of Wild Space.

For years, Inga didn’t feel ready to return to her family, as she felt that she had to be worthy of it, that she had to show she could help who remained from the Morellian species. She has kept observing her daughter from afar every once in a while, and hoped that her elder sister – who had chosen her name for her when she came of age – and her nieces, were alright. Having cut herself off from all of this  had made her almost forget of who she had once been, but thanks to her mate, she will be able to gather all the pieces and eventually blend all of her lives in one where she can fully be herself.

  • Are your characters willing to sacrifice much for what they believe in?
  • Can your character’s choices estrange them from their families, even when they had good relationships with them?
  • Did you ever write a reincarnation related story?